Parfumerie Generale

Parfumerie Generale - 20 - l'Eau Guerriere

Pierre Guillaume "Composer of perfume," declares the creative freedom that animates this collection of exclusive fragrances.
From the conception of fragrances, to the olfactory process of the formula, until the last stage of production, the entire process has a completely independent way and happens at Pierre Guillaume's laboratories. All fragrances are preciously stored in squared glass bottles, all numbered.

Parfumerie Generale - PG 20 l'Eau Guerriere

Eau de Toilette 100ml spray
L’eau Guerriere (“warrior water”) is a full frontal assault on shy little wimpy perfumes with no character. Guerriere is full-on woody, blatantly sexy (musk) and unapologetically rich and resinous (olibanum).
woody and fresh. Cinchona bark, Sky aldehydes, Olibanum, Aloe wood and Musk.