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Sensai Lift Remodelling Cream

Remodelling Lifting Series target is to restore the density, firmness and resilience of the skin, optimizing its internal collagen supporting structure and obtaining beautifully lifted and redefined facial contours. The skin becomes thicker, lifted, smooth and elastic.

This is thanks to over 15 years of research on the concentration of collagen at Kanebo laboratories.



Sensai Lift Remodelling Cream

Cream 40ml

LIFT REMODELLING CREAM is a luxurious anti-ageing cream that can to lift the skin and restore facial volume.
Micro-Mesh Uplifter increases the quantity of integrin proteins in fibroblast, thus reinforcing bindings with
collagen fibres for an all-over lifting effect. The cream also features the Lifting series' Advanced Lifting
Network Technology to support sagging skin. At the same time, Shikuwasa ( Okinawa Lime) Extract stimulates
epidermal cell proliferation, thus contributing to improved skin thickness and restored facial volume. The
cream's silky, highly adherent formulation leaves a lasting, glossy finish for a firm-looking appearance, while its serene, gentle aroma imparts a light, uplifting sensation.

Action and Benefits:- Lifting effect
                    - Densifying effect: Shikuwasa Extract stimulates epidermal cell proliferation and can help
                      to restore skin thickness
To Use : Apply an appropriate amount( one pearl) all over the face in the morning and evening.