Sillage - HOS N.001

" la brillantezza dell'Alta Profumeria " HOUSE OF SILLAGE

"I am continually asked what was my inspiration for creating the brand, House of Sillage...
It was the birth of a dream and a driving passion in my heart given to me by God. The purpose was unexplainable but it came from complete and utter purity with the innocence and naivetés of a child. The vision is my interpretation of this incredible art from and the beauty that lies within the bottle. It became the memories of tears, laughter, excitement and all of the struggles within one's destiny. It is the learning of life lesson of personal tolerance, humility, compassion and desiring of unconditional love. It encapsulates all that one is and desires to be. Although only mere moment in time, the lasting effect is carried with us beyond. This insurmountable gift is mine to share with those interested in becoming part of this dream.
Thank you for allowing me to share it with you. 
                                                         Nicole Mather
                                                   Founder House of Sillage


" This fragrance serves as a majestic icon and a true emblem of timeless masculinity "

House of Sillage HOS N.001

Eau de Parfum 75ml spray
HOS N.001 ( man ) : Cinnamon, Tonca Bean and Cedarwood.