Wrinkle Repair series offers an innovative approach that optimizes the natural cycle of renewal of collagen helping to promote an abundant and continuous production of new collagen to correct the wrinkles from the inside

Sensai Wrinkle Repair Series Wrinkle Repair Cream - Face

Wrinkle Repair Cream 40ml
Rich and luxurious formula for an intensive anti-wrinkle treatment. It helps to increase the quantity and quality of collagen and helps make the skin toned and silky. Apply morning and evening. For a better effect to apply first Essence Wrinkle Repair. Clinically tested.

Sensai Wrinkle Repair Series Wrinkle Repair Essence - Serum

Wrinkle  Repair Essence  40ml
Soft and fluffy Essence developed specifically for the anti-wrinkle treatment. The formula contains the Moon Peach Leaft Extrait, a special ingredient that promotes the natural synthesis of collagen, helping mitigate the appearance of wrinkles and to make skin firmer and smoother. Apply the cream morning and night before. Clinically tested.

Sensai Wrinkle Repair Series Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream

Wrinkle Repair eye cream 15ml
A rich yet superbly gentle eye cream with a soothing texture specially developed for the delicate area around the eyes. Helps prevent and repair wrinkles. Enhances collagen quality and quantity, while nourishing the skin with a potent complex of anti-aging ingredients. Apply mornings and evenings.

Sensai Wrinkle Repair Series Wrinkle Repair Collagenergy

Wrinkle Repair Collagenergy 50ml
A light day fluid that penetrates quickly into the skin. Contains highly effective ingredients that stimulate the skin cells and promote the natural synthesis of collagen, giving the face a more toned youthful and bright look. Apply in the morning at the end of your daily treatment