Sensai Specialist Sensai Silk Soothing Cream

Sensai Silk Soothing Cream  40ml
Exceedingly gentle formulation with a light, airy texture.
Provides speedy relief for almost all adverse skin reactions and irritations. Apply mornings and/or evenings as needed after lotion.

Sensai Specialist Sensai Silk Brightening Cream

Sensai Silk Brightening Cream SPF8   40ml     
Innovative formulation that instantly imparts a pearly sheen to the skin every morning. Boost moisture reserves for day long protection while maintaining skin clarity over the long term. Apply mornings after lotion and/or emulsion. SPF8

Sensai Specialist Sensai Silk 10 seconds Awakening Essence


Sensai Silk 10 seconds Awakening Essence 40ml

Exquisitely textured treatment "awakens" the skin and senses and provides extra defence against UV and external stress. Enables smoother make up application. Apply at the end of morning skincare routine.

Sensai Specialist Sensai Intensive Eye and mask essence

Intensive Eye and mask 40 ml + patch          

Fast-penetrating gel instantly relieves dryness and minimises fatigue-induced fine lines and puffiness. Apply with eye pads as a mask 1-2 times a week or alone as a lightweight treatment mornings and / or evenings.

Sensai Specialist Sensai Cell-Refining Essence

Cell-Refining Essence  (Wipe-off) 75ml    

Exfoliating and luminating essence that instantly removes old keratin cells from the surface to reveal smoother, clearer skin. After cleansing, push dispenser 2 or 3 times and saturate cotton pad. Wipe skin lightly, followed with double moisturisers. Apply mornings after cleansing and/or evenings after double cleansing.

Sensai Specialist Sensai Brightening make-up base 30ml

SCP  Brightening make-up base   30ml         
A base that smooths and brightens the skin improving tone and minimizing imperfections. Apply evenly on face as make-up base.