Johan Maria Farina Eau de Cologne


in 1709 Giovanni Maria Farina moved from Italy to Germany to the city of Cologne, where he founded the oldest perfume factory in the world. In honor of his adopted city he decided to name the fragrance EAU DE COLOGNE ("COLOGNE WATER"). During the eighteenth century the family Farina has been awarded the title of Official Supplier of fragrances at the main royal families of Europe.
Today, the eighth generation of the family Farina, continues the work of the illustrious ancestor, producing the EAU DE COLOGNE following the old original recipe.

Johan Maria Farina Eau de Cologne 125

Eau de Cologne 125ml spray   
"My perfume is like an Italian spring morning after the rain. It is reminiscent of oranges, lemons, grapefruits, bergamots, cedars, flowers and herbs from my land. It refreshes and stimulates the senses and the imagination "