Terms and Conditions

1.1 The "SITE" is the website owned by the company: PEPO di Possenti G & C'S snc based at 2, Via Tadini 24065 Lovere (Bg) Italy
1.2 The "SELLER" is Pepo's di Possenti G & C. snc based at 2, Via Tadini 24065 Lovere (Bg) Italy
1.3 The "CUSTOMER" is the person/company who purchases through the website according to the General Conditions of Sale.
1.4 The "RECIPIENT" is the person/company specified in the order form that the goods are delivered to.
1.5 The "COURIER” or “DISTRIBUTOR" is the company employed to ship and deliver goods.
1.6 The "ORDER" or "ORDER FORM" is the request form for the goods on sale, completed by the Customer on the Website.
1.7 The "AGREEMENT" is the agreement between the parties for the sale of products through the Website.
1.8 The "PRODUCTS" or "MERCHANDISE" are the goods on sale on the Website, according to the General Conditions of Sale.
1.9 "PRICE" is the amount of the merchandise offered for sale on the Website and is expressed in EUROS (€).
1.10 "PARTIES" are Pepo's di Possenti G & C Snc (Seller) and the customer.

The customer's personal data given for every purchase will be used for the purpose of buying and selling products offered on this Website by the Vendor as well as additional services such as forms of shipping, payments and/or bank information and promotional material.
Customer data will be treated in strict compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 Code on the protection of personal data.

This site is monitored by the use of Google Analytics.


3.1 - Product Warranty: Seller warrants the originality of the Manufacturer and personally selects all the products offered for sale on the Website.
3.2 - Price: all prices for products sold on the website include VAT, exclude shipping charges and exclude any extra charges.

4.1 - In order to purchase it is necessary to complete the electronic order form by following the directions on the Website.
4.2 - The customer agrees to provide correct data required for the purchase. The requested telephone number must be active and traceable so that the carrier, if required, can contact the customer. The Seller shall not be responsible in any way and shall not pay damages if the data supplied by the customer is inaccurate or erroneous, preventing the regular delivery of the Goods.
4.3 - Each order will be issued with a Document of Carriage, which can be used as a document proving the validity of the warranty at the time and manner prescribed by these Terms and Conditions. Upon specific request from the customer, it will be possible to issue an invoice of the order.


5.1 - Payments accepted by Seller are all types of credit cards specified in the Checkout section of the Website.


6.1 - The Seller reserves one business day for the preparation of the goods, packing and completion of the necessary administrative procedures, plus the time taken for delivery by the courier, usually 48 hours for Italy and different times for all other destinations. The calculation of days does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
6.2 - If one or more products ordered through the Website are not available because they are temporarily out of stock please add another eight working days for the supply by the manufacturer.
6.3 - If one or more ordered products will no longer be available from the manufacturer, the Seller will immediately notify the customer, who will decide whether to replace the missing product with other products of equal value or to receive a refund of the same amount of the product/s no longer available.



7.1 - Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the recipient is required to check that the number of boxes is the same as reported in the Courier Transport Document. In case of a discrepancy the recipient must immediately notify the carrier, otherwise the goods will be considered delivered.
7.2 - Customer Recipient must also check that the packaging is fully intact, not manipulated, not damaged and not altered. Any anomalies or irregularities should be immediately reported to the carrier in a clear and readable document on Transport. Otherwise, nothing can be contested or required of the Seller.
7.3 - If the package looks severely damaged so as to have damaged the contents, it should be immediately contested to the carrier. Reject the goods and ask to always place on the Transport Document the message "REFUSED GOODS-DAMAGED PACKAGE". Without this statement on the shipping document complaints may not be made to the Seller as the goods will be considered delivered properly in all respects.


8.1 - If the Carrier - when the goods are delivered to the shipping address provided by Customer and indicated in the document of carriage - cannot find anyone to receive the goods, a first notice of "Delivery Failure" will be left with the necessary information so that the recipient can contact the courier to rearrange a new delivery.
A second delivery attempt will be then made on the next working day and/or on the following day. If this second delivery fails, the shipping service - coupled with the purchase through the Website - will be considered complete. Therefore, the same goods will be sent back to the sender.
8.2 - Customers and/or recipients have 10 days of time from the date specified on the "Delivery Failure" document left by the Courier to arrange a new delivery by sending an e-mail to: order@profumeriapepos.eu specifying the order made and the date on the non-delivery document.
A new delivery can be arranged by paying in advance the extra expenses incurred for the return of the goods to the sender, Seller charges and the new shipping charges. All necessary information will be provided for the payment. Otherwise, if the customer and/or Recipient does not communicate their intentions to the Seller, they will invalidate any right of redemption, both of goods and money, and the sale in question will be considered permanently closed, and nothing will be due to the customer and/or Recipient.

9.1 – The Seller shall not be responsible for the delay in shipment, if the delay is caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control. Delays in shipment due to force majeure will entitle the Seller to an extension of time required to fulfill these obligations.

10.1 - The right of withdrawal is the right of individuals acting with purposes not directly related to their professional activity. Therefore, wholesalers, retailers and companies are excluded from this right.
10.2 - Customer and Recipient may exercise the right of withdrawal, as required by Italian law. The deadline to exercise this right is 10 days from the receipt of goods. To exercise this warranty:
- Send a registered A/R within 48 hours from the deadline for the withdrawal right to the Seller
- It is, however, recommended that the customer and/or Recipient should contact the seller through his telephone number, found on the Site and/or by e-mail (order@profumeriapepos.eu).
10.3 - The bundle of goods is shipped with a security seal. Each product is packaged for shipment and sealed individually. Everything must be returned intact, in its original packaging, complete in all its parts and seals. Nothing should be open and/or handled.
10.4 - The products subject to the right of withdrawal should be returned to the headquarters of the Seller.
10.5 - The date of shipment will be the same notice to the Vendor by the Customer and/or Recipient to exercise the right of withdrawal for the same penalty of forfeiture.
10.6 - The goods are at the sole risk of the customer and/or Recipient exercising the right of withdrawal. All costs for the return of the goods to the headquarters of the Seller are charged to the same customer and/or Recipient.
10.7 - Once the goods have arrived at the offices of the Seller, they will be carefully examined to assess any damage and/or tampering.
10.8 - If all the goods comply with requests made by the Seller, the Customer may choose between two options for reimbursement:
- Replacement of the goods with other goods of equal value will be sent with all expenses paid for the shipping by the customer recipient.
- Refund of money (customer recipient to indicate the required bank account IBAN code already in use during the right of withdrawal). The refund relates to the price of the product(s) and unbundled charges (credit card fees etc.). Shipping charges will not be reimbursed.
10.9 - The Vendor will proceed with the refund within 30 days from the date of receipt of goods at its premises.
10.10 - If there is no correspondence between the destination of the products listed on the order form and who made the payment of sums due for their purchase, a refund of the sums will be made in favour of those who advance was paid with the total effect of discharging for the Seller.
10.11 - if the goods returned to Seller for "the right of withdrawal" are wholly or partially damaged and/or manipulated or do not meet the conditions required by the Seller (referred to in Section 10.3), the goods will be returned to the Recipient. They will again be charged with all the costs for the new shipment, which will have to be paid in advance by bank transfer using details that will be communicated at the time. Prior to shipment, the goods will be retained to offset the shipment costs themselves. At this point the entire sale will be considered permanently closed and nothing can be requested from the Seller.

11.1 – The Site is written in Italian and English, mainly in case of doubt and inconsistency of the Italian version.
11.2 - The contract will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Italian laws.
11.3 - The parties agree that the contract expressly excludes the application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
11.4 - Any dispute relating to contracts of sale entered into under the aforementioned conditions of Sale, has recognized the competence of the Justice of Peace of the City of Lovere (BG) or the Court of Bergamo depending on the value. It will, however, may appeal to the Seller at its option over the place jurisdiction.